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  • When I was young and still jobless, I tried to be a porter in Mount Rinjani.

    In my first trip to climb Rinjani, I cry and wonder, if I can still move with carry this heavy stuff, but then I still fight for my family.

    Day by day, month by month I keep walking. A question crossed my mind, will I be a porter for the rest of my life? But then i still become a porter for 3 years. Meanwhile i also learn English, little by little until I can speak English.

    One day, one of Travel Agent trust me to be their guide. 12 years, I have bittersweet journey as a guide. Until one day a voice whisper to me, “Man, are you want to be guide forever ? Don’t you want to be success like other ?”. Then I realized, I want to change my life.

    Start from that day I try to find a way to build my own company. I go everywhere to find a loan, but I got nothing. I feel frustated and very stressfull. But, God is on my side, my mother find me a solution, she want to keep chase my dream, she give me all money that she have. She said she will always pray and support me no matter what. Then I make a company name “Man Rinjani Trekker”.

    Because we come from East, who believe that all name is a pray. I just want to thank God for trust me and give me a chance then I can be like who I am today and also for every good things that I have today.

    Now, with my company i try to expanding business by offering new packages, not only climbing packages but also tours to various tourist spots in Lombok. And in the near future my company will also have Komodo Trip package. I also expanding travel network by working with another cross country travel agent. One of my travel agent partner is Riverine Safaris, with Mr. Sebastian Bakamwegha as a director (www.riverinesafaris.com/info@riverinesafaris.com) travel agent from USA.